44 Photos That Will Transport You Back To The ’90s

Can I be young again now, please?

1. Tony Blair with Iman and David Bowie.

Select, 1995.

ID: 1104451

2. Liam Gallagher with Robbie Williams at Glastonbury ‘95.

ID: 1101453

3. Liam and Noel riding scooters.

From Vox magazine, 1996.

ID: 1104430

4. Take That wearing an awful lot of leather.

Q, 1995.

ID: 1104463

5. Mark Owen wearing a waistcoat.

ID: 1104494

6. Geri Halliwell “surfing the net”.

ID: 1100892

7. The Spice Girls with a Union Jack.

ID: 1101276

10. Gazza and Teddy Sheringham at Euro ‘96.

ID: 1104455

11. Damon Albarn and Phil Daniels playing football in England shirts.

Photo: Hayley Madden. Vox, 1996.

ID: 1104468

12. Damon Albarn drinking champagne with Bernard Butler and Justine Frischmann.

ID: 1101509

13. Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon riding a Lambretta.

In LA. Vox, 1994.

ID: 1104434

14. Elastica, Radiohead and Suede on the cover of NME.

ID: 1104422

15. Brett Anderson wearing a chemise made of paint.

Brett Anderson, NME, 1993.

ID: 1104441

16. Thom Yorke with ginger hair.

ID: 1104433

17. David Schwimmer and Helen Baxendale.

Getty Images
ID: 1101686

18. The women of Twin Peaks.

ID: 1104385

19. Anna Friel, Kate Moss and Courtney Love.

ID: 1104387

20. Kate Moss and Johnny Depp.

ID: 1104394

21. PJ Harvey, Bjork and Tori Amos in Q.

ID: 1104395

22. Jarvis Cocker in a padded jacket.

ID: 1104398

23. Jarvis Cocker getting hugged by a streaker while playing football.

ID: 1104396

24. Jeff Buckley with a portable CD player.

Photo: Jeff Thurner for Rolling Stone.

ID: 1104401

25. Kurt Cobain eating an ice lolly.

From Q, 1993.

ID: 1104409

26. Anthony Kiedis and Flea in drag.

From Vox magazine.

ID: 1104403

27. Slash on his wedding day.

Q, 1992.

ID: 1104450

28. Axl Rose swimming with a dolphin.

ID: 1104404

29. Prince squatting in a jump suit.

Vox, 1994.

ID: 1104443

30. Seal hugging a Samoyed.

Q, 1994.

ID: 1104447

31. Geri Halliwell and Kylie Minogue arm-wrestling on TFI Friday.

ID: 1104457

32. And then getting off with each other.

ID: 1104458

33. Much to the amusement of Chris Evans.

ID: 1104459

34. Billie Piper on Top Of The Pops.

ID: 1104461

35. Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong, naked except for a pair of socks.

Rolling Stone, 1994.

ID: 1104466

36. Keith Flint brandishing a mouse for some reason.

Select, 1996.

ID: 1104472

37. Marilyn Manson bothering some children.

Photo: David LaChapelle. Spin, 1998.

ID: 1104476

38. Kylie on the cover of Sky.

ID: 1104481

39. B*Witched on the cover of Top Of The Pops.

ID: 1101092

40. Ronan Keating on the cover of Smash Hits.

ID: 1104482

41. Samantha Janus on the cover of FHM.

ID: 1104484

42. Martine McCutcheon on the cover of Maxim.

ID: 1104498

43. And David Bowie with a moustache, using a desktop computer.

ID: 1100890

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