15 Majestic Photos Of The Supermoon Lighting Up Britain

Thanks to its closeness to Earth, the moon is up to 30% brighter than usual, making for some striking images.

1. Glastonbury.

Getty Images
ID: 3565952

2. Harthill, Scotland

Danny Lawson/PA Wire
ID: 3564049
Danny Lawson/PA Wire
ID: 3564050

4. Edinburgh

Danny Lawson/PA Wire
ID: 3564047

5. Tower Bridge, London

Paul Hackett / Reuters
ID: 3564265
Paul Hackett / Reuters
ID: 3564263

7. Rising behind The Shard.

Yui Mok/PA Wire

Yui Mok/PA Wire

ID: 3565963

8. Westminster, London

REX USA/Gill Allen / Rex

REX USA/Gill Allen / Rex

ID: 3565838

9. Hackney, London

Danny Lawson/PA Wire
ID: 3564051
Danny Lawson/PA Wire
ID: 3564057

11. South London

Danny Lawson/PA Wire
ID: 3564055
Yui Mok/PA Wire
ID: 3564113

13. North London

Amazing #Supermoon shot just taken from our front porch in Edgware, North London by @Charliefotoman

— Clare Newsome (@ClareNewsome)
ID: 3564129

14. Essex

This is the #supermoon over Essex @DailyMirror

— Hannah Phipps (@HannahPhipps)
ID: 3564135

15. Derby

Tonight it's a #supermoon and for once it's a clear sky over #derby for viewing it

— Chris Hall (@ChrisHall5)
ID: 3564058

Meanwhile, here’s what it looks like from space, as tweeted by Russian astronaut Oleg Artemyev, who is currently onboard the International Space Station.

ID: 3564180

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