26 Ludicrous Catwalk Fashions

These photos will make you delighted not to be fashionable.

1. This dress that looks like a balloon full of Smarties.

ID: 1465810

2. This haute couture straitjacket.

ID: 1465812

3. This mouth… thing.

ID: 1465809

4. This uncomfortable looking… gimp suit?

ID: 1465814

5. This sartorial tribute to breakfast.

ID: 1465822

6. This tribute to a young Michael Jackson.

ID: 1465823

7. These chaps wearing jaunty gas masks.

ID: 1465824

8. This massive handbag.

Charles Platiau / Reuters
ID: 1465949

9. This deeply impractical hairdo.

ID: 1465938

10. These not-very-sensible shoes.

ID: 1467278

11. And these ones.

ID: 1465849

12. And these ones.

ID: 1465928

13. These ones, too.

ID: 1465934

14. These people dressed as Dolly Mixtures.

ID: 1465891

15. This look, seemingly inspired by Marvel Comics’ Green Goblin.

ID: 1465893

16. This woman with a headdress modelled on a Walnut Whip.

ID: 1465897

17. This trendsetter with a mouth on top of her head.

ID: 1465903

18. This debonair chap wearing concertina-style trousers.

ID: 1465904

19. This fella with a trendy third arm.

ID: 1465906

20. This style icon wearing a Pacman helmet.

ID: 1465908

21. This fearless innovator who is apparently channeling Alf.

ID: 1465912

22. This woman who is remaining stony faced, despite having teddy bears sprouting from her torso.

ID: 1465914

23. These mannequins that are so fashionable they have burst into flames.

ID: 1465915

24. This woman who’s carrying another woman inside her duffel coat.

ID: 1465918

25. This lady with a Muppet adorning her crotch.

ID: 1465929

26. And this woman dressed as Chewbacca.

ID: 1465936

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