22 Extremely Disappointing Moments In The History Of Parking

It’s really not that difficult, people.

1. The person who took three and a half minutes to exit this car park.

ID: 1808328

(Calling to mind this memorable Austin Powers scene).

ID: 1808336

2. The Belfast woman who took half an hour to parallel park in this space.


Watch the full clip, if you can stand it.

ID: 1808423

3. This boy racer, taking up three whole spaces.

ID: 1808582

4. This exuberant soul, approaching a toll booth with just a touch too much eagerness.

ID: 1808358

5. This snowplow mishap.

ID: 1810154

6. This mystifying error of judgement.

ID: 1810255

7. This graceful swan dive.

ID: 1808653

8. This expression of rugged individualism.

ID: 1808656

9. This ludicrously reckless but nonetheless quite impressive parking manoeuvre.

ID: 1808684

10. This, seemingly the vengeful rampage of a maniac.

ID: 1809002

11. This startling display of ineptitude.

ID: 1809032

12. This hit-and-run.

ID: 1809058

13. This, the only sensible reaction to being boxed in.

ID: 1809094

14. The removals van from hell.

ID: 1809111

15. The man who managed to run himself over.

ID: 1809144

16. The complete cretin.

ID: 1809150

17. This woman who couldn’t find a parking space… so she created one.

ID: 1809958

18. This total failure of spatial awareness.

ID: 1809968

19. This guy.

ID: 1809970

20. This, the berzerker approach to parking.

ID: 1809971

21. This person, making it look so much harder than it needs to be.

ID: 1809937

22. And this… I’m just not sure what this was person was trying to do, to be honest.

ID: 1808591

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