An Important History Of The ‘Colin Was Here’ Meme That Changed All Our Lives

We are all Colin now.

1. It all started when @SkyNewsBreak mysteriously tweeted this to their 902,000 followers.

9. Then came the inevitable spoof account - which has already been suspended.

14. Sky News released a statement.

Earlier today the @skynewsbreak twitter feed was hacked and a single message sent.

Action was swiftly taken and we are working with Twitter and our in house security to ensure this cannot happen again.

16. Then they revealed that they hadn’t been hacked after all.

Further investigation uncovered, to our relief, that Colin was in fact a ‘disaster recovery’ test message which accidentally went live. Apologies.
……no Colin was harmed in the making of this message.

20. Well that was fun, wasn’t it? Same time next week?

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