48 Reasons It’s Great To Be British (Yes, Really)

It’s OK, you can admit it. You’re allowed to be proud.

1. We have zero respect for authority

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2. Sure, we have a royal family, but we humiliate them at every turn

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3. We make them look creepy in photos

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4. We force them to perform tedious tasks

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Always with the digging

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5. And then we wonder why The Queen always looks so unimpressed with us

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6. Politicians don’t get it any easier. When David Cameron joined Twitter, this is how the nation responded

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7. So… this whole thing turned out quite well, didn’t it?

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8. In fact, let’s just take a little moment to remember

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9. On the subject of sporting heroes, it’s pretty cool that our greatest cyclist is a mod who loves Oasis, The Stone Roses and The Jam

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You want to know how brilliantly British Bradley Wiggins is?

Stephane Mahe / Reuters
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When he won Olympic Gold, the BBC asked him how he planned to celebrate. This was his response

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10. OK, are we ready to talk comedy now? Where to start? How about Peep Show?

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11. And here, have some Alan Partridge in your face

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12. The Office, obviously

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13. The League Of Gentlemen channeled the darkest and freakiest corners of the British psyche

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14. Let’s not forget The IT Crowd

Yes, yes, technically written by an Irishman, but still.

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15. Speaking of cult British humour, did we mention “Withnail And I”?

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16. In fact, we British do a good line in rakish screen icons. Take this guy, for example

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17. And, to a lesser extent, this guy

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18. And not to brag, but British actors, from Hugh Laurie to Kit Harington to Damian Lewis, are completely owning US TV right now

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19. Can we talk music? Here are a few things that should make you delighted to be British

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20. This frontman

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21. This drummer

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22. This singer-songwriter

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23. This band

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24. This album

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25. This song

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26. And, most of all, this God among men

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27. Other British heroes, beyond music? How about Alan Turing, the father of computer science, whose codebreaking skills helped win World War II

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28. This chap is worthy of your admiration

Via http://Photo%20via%20BBC
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29. So’s this one

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30. This bloke’s all right too, we suppose

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31. So’s this one

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32. Also, just look at this ridiculously cool World War II fighter pilot. What a dude.

His name is Francis Mellersh, and he remained in the RAF for another 30 years after this photo was taken.

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33. The thing is, a lot of our heroes are lovably flawed. For example, the guy who wrote this

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Fifteen years later, wrote this

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34. And the guy who played drums on this

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Later provided the voiceover for this

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35. Other things to make your heart swell? Well, this goes without saying

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36. Our music festivals are famous the world over

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37. In fact they’re so good we’ll put up with all manner of horrendous hardships, all in the name of a drunken good time

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38. Our press, for all its flaws, is the liveliest you’ll find anywhere. In most countries, newspaper front pages look like this

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39. Ours look like this

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40. Meanwhile, our magazines have the most arresting cover lines

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41. And our local newspapers have the most hard-hitting exclusives

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42. We’re understandably proud of our rich and varied history

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43. But we’re wise enough to know when to defer to other cultures

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44. We’re fond of a drink, it’s true

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Almost to a fault, some might say

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45. And yes, OK, sometimes as a nation we can be a tiny bit shambolic

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46. But we’re basically decent people. When rioters rampaged across London in 2011, we didn’t boil over with anger. We responded like this

Ben Walshe

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47. We’re realistic about our place in the world. You have to be, when THIS guy is Mayor of your capital city

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48. Fundamentally, we’re happy with who we are. We’re self-deprecating, and cynical, and we never, ever take ourselves too seriously

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So go on, say it after me. It’s OK. Really. It’ll be our secret

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There, that wasn’t so difficult now, was it?

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Luke Lewis is the executive editor of BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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