45 Things Every Visitor To London Needs To Know

Key facts to bear in mind when planning a trip to our fine capital. Photos via the mighty Shit London.

1. Our restaurants use only the finest and freshest ingredients

Photo: Charlie Blum

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2. Though their preparation techniques can be somewhat puzzling

Photo: Dave Brighouse

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3. And sometimes you have to wonder what goes into our meat

Photo: Simon McLelland

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Photo: Patrick Dalton

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4. Still, all the big-name fast food outlets can be found here

Photo: Matthew Copperwaite

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5. And all sorts of refreshing beverages are available

Photo: Mike Sanders

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6. You can expect to come across unusual combinations

Photo: Richard Bulch

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7. And exotic services

Photo: Gareth McLean

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8. Some of our food may not sound all that appetising

Photo: Simo Bogdanovic

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Photo: Ryan Smith

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9. And our eating establishments may not sound especially glamorous

Photo: Sonti Ramirez

ID: 959712

10. But top-quality produce is available on every street corner

Photo: Hannah Mcqueen

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11. Just be aware that not EVERYTHING is edible

Photo: Georgia Kuhn

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12. Our street markets arguably leave a little to be desired

Photo: Jen Ferguson

ID: 959634

13. And the products on offer may seem underwhelming

Photo: Angelique Neumann

ID: 959664

14. But hey, at least we’re honest about it

Photo: Sharon Day

ID: 959638

15. Admittedly, customer service is not always all it could be

ID: 959637

Photo: Ed Pentelow

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16. And things aren’t always labelled clearly

Photo: John Hackney

ID: 959645

17. Or spelt correctly

Photo: Matt Spurr

ID: 959655

18. Plus, the ‘bargains’ on offer can be disappointing

Photo: Caroline Keyzor

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Photo: Laura Gilchrist

ID: 959651

19. Our shops aren’t always imaginatively named

Photo: Ana Picasso

ID: 959701

20. And we sometimes struggle with window displays

Photo: Hayes Hickman

ID: 959552

21. And OK, so our technology can be a little unreliable too

Photo: Chris Creature

ID: 959604

22. Rules and regulations aren’t always observed

Photo: Sophia Owen

ID: 959661

23. But that doesn’t stop us trying to enforce them

Photo: Paul Martin

ID: 959663

Photo: Miles Gregory

ID: 960741

24. Be warned: London is not always paradise for kids

Photo: Aysha Chaudary

ID: 959614

25. In fact the whole place can seem quite unwelcoming to the untrained eye

Photo: Tim Bird

ID: 959618

26. Sometimes the place is so unfriendly it can seem like even the road signs are mocking you

Photo: Steph Hunter

ID: 959548

27. You’ll get used to it after a while though

ID: 959628

28. And, on the plus side, our beautiful parks are famous the world over

Photo: Christopher Foster-Orr

ID: 959648

29. In fact London has more green space than any other big city on Earth

Photo: Josh Burrows

ID: 959707

30. Meanwhile, our travel agents are out of this world

ID: 959623

31. As a society we’re so polite and considerate

Photo: Jude Padraic

ID: 959725

32. We love to think up puns

ID: 959629

33. We’re fond of a swear word or two

Photo: John Kirk

ID: 959643

34. Our lorry drivers are especially fond of a joke

Photo: Christian Logan

ID: 959611

35. As are our van drivers

Photo: David John Brock

ID: 959626

36. Admittedly some might describe our sense of humour as puerile

Photo: Andrew Crowe

ID: 959714

37. For example, we’ll never pass up the opportunity to do this sort of thing

Photo: Steve Reed

ID: 959704

38. And it may take you a while to get to grips with all our slang terms

Photo: Peter Behrendorff

ID: 959705

39. But Londoners are a helpful bunch, and are always happy to correct your mistakes

Photo: Gaz

ID: 959554

40. And offer friendly advice

Photo: Saptarshi Ray

ID: 959619

41. We have a healthy lack of respect for authority

Photo: Mark Griffiths

ID: 959557

42. We can be highly creative when it suits us

Photo: Gurpreet Gupta

ID: 959662

43. And we are VERY discerning when it comes to pornography

Photo: Asad Qayyum

ID: 959558

44. So come to London! See the sights!

Photo: Andrew Huxter

ID: 960053

45. And don’t forget to tell all your friends about the time you visited the most magical, glamorous and welcoming city on the planet

Photo: Alan Gilbey

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Photo: Alan Caughey

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Photo: Jennifer Wilson

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Photo: Jono McLeod

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Huge thanks to Shit London for these photos. You might like to follow on Twitter, or even order the Shit London book.

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Luke Lewis is the executive editor of BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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