50 Things That Will Make You Say “What A Time To Be Alive”

There are many brilliantly pointless things, and you’re going to want them all.

1. A dispenser for dispensing Tic Tac dispensers.

2. A machine that allows you to create your own custom bag of Skittles.

A bag of red Skittles? NO PROBLEM.

3. A junk-food pairing menu, so you can treat your burger like a fine wine.

4. These milk and cookie shots.


5. A parking spot that’s only available to ice cream vans.

7. This perfectly profane use of 3D printing.

8. Bacon-flavoured toothpaste.

9. This thing that keeps your beer perfectly straight while you dance like a stereotype of a white person.

10. This really important invention.

11. Croissants in a can, because it’s such a good idea to have croissants come out of a can.

12. Watermelon Oreos.

13. Soft marshmallow Oreos.

14. Crispy marshmallow Oreos.

15. Triple double-stuffed Oreos. Sextuple Oreos, for anyone counting.

16. The final solution to all your shower woes.

18. An auto-beer filler.


19. A green-tea Kit Kat, which makes perfect sense so long as you don’t think about it at all.

20. Mini-goldfish, giant M&M. What. A. World.

22. Bacon on a stick.

23. This is a half-loaf of bread stuffed with ice-cream.

24. And this is a SPRINKLES MILL.

So you can grind sprinkles on to your cupcake because pouring would be too boring.

25. You can get an exact replica of Bart Simpson’s skateboard.

26. Sprayable churros.

Just spray into hot oil and then you have a churro!

27. Milk + pourable cap = really obvious idea.

29. A Scotch tape dispenser that will fulfill all your dreams.

30. Candyfloss that gets you high.

31. Potato salad getting funded for thousands of dollars because the internet has decided that’s a good thing.

Kickstarter / Via kickstarter.com

32. This is a genius way to play video games.

34. A vodka vending machine.

36. A bin that moves to collect falling trash like it’s been freaking enchanted.

37. Mints in a mini-packet so you don’t have loose mints everywhere.

38. This ice tray that someone finally thought through.

40. A baseball bat combined with a flashlight.

41. Waffle taco.

42. Live ladybugs, available for delivery from Amazon.

43. Pizza crust stuffed with hot dog to satisfy all your meat in dough needs.

44. Unless what you really want is a cheeseburger pizza surrounded by mini-burgers covered in cheese just because.

45. A flea repellant for humans.

46. Teriyaki chicken in a damn pineapple.

47. Breaking Bad bath salts.

48. Mini, pre-unwrapped Starburst.

49. A cup of tea with a biscuit holder.

50. And this final revelation that will prove that yes, yes, this is the finest time to be alive.

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