50 Things That Will Make You Say “What A Time To Be Alive”

There are many brilliantly pointless things, and you’re going to want them all.

1. A dispenser for dispensing Tic Tac dispensers.

ID: 3522505

2. A machine that allows you to create your own custom bag of Skittles.

A bag of red Skittles? NO PROBLEM.

ID: 3522275

3. A junk-food pairing menu, so you can treat your burger like a fine wine.

ID: 3522329

4. These milk and cookie shots.

ID: 3522285

5. A parking spot that’s only available to ice cream vans.

ID: 3522213

6. Colour-changing ice cream.

What a time to be alive — Physicist invents color-changing ice cream http://t.co/3fJ4Ripibu

— Spencer Althouse (@SpencerAlthouse)
ID: 3522484

7. This perfectly profane use of 3D printing.

ID: 3522263

8. Bacon-flavoured toothpaste.

ID: 3522591

9. This thing that keeps your beer perfectly straight while you dance like a stereotype of a white person.

ID: 3522386

10. This really important invention.

ID: 3522288

11. Croissants in a can, because it’s such a good idea to have croissants come out of a can.

ID: 3522439

12. Watermelon Oreos.

ID: 3522496

13. Soft marshmallow Oreos.

ID: 3522315

14. Crispy marshmallow Oreos.

ID: 3522683

15. Triple double-stuffed Oreos. Sextuple Oreos, for anyone counting.

ID: 3522595

16. The final solution to all your shower woes.

ID: 3522316

17. Fusion fruit pastilles.

Really a thing. #whatatimetobealive

— Dani Hall (@literarytwit)
ID: 3522615

18. An auto-beer filler.

ID: 3522358

19. A green-tea Kit Kat, which makes perfect sense so long as you don’t think about it at all.

ID: 3522493

20. Mini-goldfish, giant M&M. What. A. World.

ID: 3522331

21. This is the llama dressed like Batman that you never knew you wanted.

Because just in case you wanted to know what a llama dressed like Batman would look like... Oh, @IndyStateFair.

— Indianapolis Star (@indystar)
ID: 3522337

22. Bacon on a stick.

ID: 3522369

23. This is a half-loaf of bread stuffed with ice-cream.

ID: 3522601

24. And this is a SPRINKLES MILL.

So you can grind sprinkles on to your cupcake because pouring would be too boring.

ID: 3522361

25. You can get an exact replica of Bart Simpson’s skateboard.

ID: 3522647

26. Sprayable churros.

Just spray into hot oil and then you have a churro!

ID: 3522422

27. Milk + pourable cap = really obvious idea.

ID: 3522389

28. This home cinema system is flawless.

This is the best thing ever

— ♤sara♤ (@PaynesDreams)
ID: 3522426

29. A Scotch tape dispenser that will fulfill all your dreams.

ID: 3522513

30. Candyfloss that gets you high.

ID: 3522442

31. Potato salad getting funded for thousands of dollars because the internet has decided that’s a good thing.

Kickstarter / Via kickstarter.com
ID: 3522451

32. This is a genius way to play video games.

ID: 3522311

33. A craft-beer vending machine.

Many considered. Few are chosen @nomadabrew @toolbeer @BrooklynBrewery @BlackIsleBeer @foundersbrewing what ya think?

— The Fox (@TheFoxE8)
ID: 3522468

34. A vodka vending machine.

ID: 3522454

35. Or a champagne vending machine if vodka is too peasant-like for you.

The perfect stocking filler at the press of a button #DestinationChristmas @Selfridges

— Moët & Chandon UK (@Moet_UK)
ID: 3522676

36. A bin that moves to collect falling trash like it’s been freaking enchanted.

ID: 3522420

37. Mints in a mini-packet so you don’t have loose mints everywhere.

ID: 3522322

38. This ice tray that someone finally thought through.

ID: 3522313

39. An amphibious RV.

We did it everyone. What a time to be alive. Tears flowing. "S.C. Company Makes Amphibious RV" http://t.co/cOiIfhGzM1

— pourmecoffee (@pourmecoffee)
ID: 3522486

40. A baseball bat combined with a flashlight.

ID: 3522665

41. Waffle taco.

ID: 3522506

42. Live ladybugs, available for delivery from Amazon.

ID: 3522501

43. Pizza crust stuffed with hot dog to satisfy all your meat in dough needs.

ID: 3522605

44. Unless what you really want is a cheeseburger pizza surrounded by mini-burgers covered in cheese just because.

ID: 3522511

45. A flea repellant for humans.

ID: 3522684

46. Teriyaki chicken in a damn pineapple.

ID: 3522638

47. Breaking Bad bath salts.

ID: 3522640

48. Mini, pre-unwrapped Starburst.

ID: 3522370

49. A cup of tea with a biscuit holder.

ID: 3522680

50. And this final revelation that will prove that yes, yes, this is the finest time to be alive.

ID: 3522488
FOX / Via youtube.com
ID: 3523112

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