31 Times Tumblr Was The Most Relatable Place On The Internet

Everyone has these very major problems in their lives.

1. When they explained why friends were so important.

ID: 3319643

2. When they demonstrated your problem with growing up.

ID: 3319644

3. When someone underestimated the importance of a diet.

ID: 3319645

4. When this sartorial grievance was expressed.

ID: 3319646

5. When someone made this historical realisation.

ID: 3319652

6. When this dog achieved.

ID: 3319650

7. When they expressed the truth of people who have actual hobbies.

ID: 3319656

8. When they realised the flaws in Garfield.

ID: 3319657

9. When someone pointed out why Tuesday totally shouldn’t be allowed to be a thing.

ID: 3319658

10. When politeness ruled the day.

ID: 3319662

11. When someone figured out what fireworks actually were.

ID: 3319647

12. When fireworks weren’t actually fireworks.

ID: 3319664

13. When a really, really good idea happened.

ID: 3319666

14. When your life goals were captured.

ID: 3319669

15. When this crisis was addressed.

ID: 3319680

16. When some people figured out what your life story will be.

ID: 3319671

17. When they figured out why meeting other people’s parents was so stressful.

ID: 3319672

18. When this dog perfectly summed up your opinion.

ID: 3319674

19. When someone neatly expressed your inner darkness.

ID: 3319675

20. When they nailed how you actually eat.

ID: 3319677

21. When they nailed your life goals.

ID: 3319678

22. When they nailed your fashion sense.

ID: 3319686

23. When this crisis happened.

ID: 3319679

24. When this theory about exactly why mornings are so bad happened.

ID: 3319681

25. When they failed to understand how the legal system really worked.

ID: 3319682

26. When they figured out why you shouldn’t use cliches.

ID: 3319667

27. When someone nailed your dating problems.

ID: 3319683

28. When someone realised you might be in a video game.

ID: 3319684

29. When it explained how you listen to music.

ID: 3319685

30. When the aging process was neatly defined.

ID: 3319687

31. When someone came up with this fundamental truth.

ID: 3319673

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Luke Bailey is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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