This Irish Pub Made An Offer To Discount Beer Every Time Germany Scored Against Brazil

It didn’t end well.

1. The Roisin Dubh pub in Galway came up with an interesting promotion on Facebook to encourage people to come and watch the game.

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2. But then Germany started scoring, racking up five goals in the first half alone.

And eventually scoring seven.

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3. The pub ended up selling beer for 50 cents a pint.

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4. The prices just tumbled.

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5. So it’s safe to say that everyone in the bar had a pretty great time.

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6. The Roisin Dubh took it on the chin though, and offered the exact same promotion for the second semi-final, when Argentina played the Netherlands.

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7. But the beer was safe this time around.


— Roisin Dubh (@roisindubhpub)
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Penalties don't count. The match is officially over after extra time. #wevegivenenough

— Roisin Dubh (@roisindubhpub)
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9. So if you live in Galway, you know where to go for the final…

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