23 Things You Can Do To Immediately Annoy A British Person

We won’t mention it, but we’ll be really rather put out.

1. Asking someone from the North, “Is that near London?”

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There are actually other places in the country. Some of them have cities, as well!

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2. Saying to a Scottish person, “Is that in England?”

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3. Saying to a Welsh person, “Is that in England?”

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4. Saying to an Irish person, “Is that in England?”

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5. Actually telling someone when they ask how you are.

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Their understanding nods actually translate to pure hatred.

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6. Making any sort of ‘Keep Calm’ poster.

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7. Assuming Eurovision is an important event for us.

The rest of Europe are all cheats who vote tactically and we don’t care. Mostly don’t care.

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8. Not buying your round.

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9. Drinking too fast or too slow, and throwing the rhythm of the round off.

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10. Writing cidre instead of cider.

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11. Complaining in a restaurant.

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12. Directly telling someone what you want from them.

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Could you phrase that as a vague and oblique hint, please?

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13. Assuming we’re big fans of the Royals.

Honestly, most people aren’t that bothered.

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14. Assuming that you can criticise the Royals.

That’s still one only the British are allowed to do, however.

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15. Not appreciating the etiquette of queuing.

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Go to the back. It’s not complicated.

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16. Assuming the British primarily watch British period dramas.

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17. Assuming the British live like British period dramas.

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18. Soccer.

You know what you say.

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19. Attempting to imitate an accent.

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20. Attempting to imitate the wrong accent.

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There are literally hundreds, and only one of them is like the queen.

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21. Referring to anything as ‘quaint’, ‘olde-worlde’, or ‘whimsical’.

It probably existed before most countries did.

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22. Dismissing British food as boring.

We’ve only got 157 Michelin-starred restaurants, after all. Plus, we invented pies.

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23. Canceling a Piers Morgan TV show and encouraging him to return to the U.K.

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Luke Bailey is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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