29 People Who Tried To Win The Internet And Failed Completely

This is why you shouldn’t just copy stuff you see on the internet.

1. These guys shouldn’t have attempted this prank.

ID: 3696558

2. Internet jokes aren’t as funny in real life.

ID: 3696657

3. Hilarious Vines aren’t hilarious to you when they go wrong.

ID: 3696644

4. If you’re filming yourself doing something cool, you really have to stick the landing.

ID: 3696567

5. The landing is so important.

ID: 3697775

6. So, so important.

ID: 3696699

7. This guy should have been more careful making this joke.

ID: 3696562

8. Though balls are pretty complicated, what with the whole bouncing thing.

ID: 3696902

9. So are nets.

ID: 3697634

10. Sports are hard.

ID: 3696662

11. “Vine magic” is often harder to pull off than it looks.

ID: 3696627

12. Lashing out in anger isn’t a good idea.

ID: 3697654

13. This guy shouldn’t have used this equipment. This is not what it’s for.

ID: 3696786

14. You should think carefully before re-creating movies.

ID: 3696638

15. You should be careful where you dance.

ID: 3696646

16. Especially if there are people around to yell at you.

ID: 3696655

17. Awesome parkour isn’t awesome when it goes wrong.

ID: 3696652

18. Showing off is probably a mistake.

ID: 3696654

19. This guy should have thought more carefully.

ID: 3696682

20. As should these people.

ID: 3696680

21. This girl shouldn’t have pulled this prank.

ID: 3696608

22. Pranks aren’t nearly as good in the real world.

ID: 3696694

23. Really.

ID: 3696597

24. This, to be fair, could have gone so much worse.

ID: 3696768

25. This guy didn’t prepare for his Vine carefully enough.

ID: 3696628

26. This prank was funny for the wrong reasons.

ID: 3696861

27. And this jump was awesome in a whole different way.

ID: 3697638

28. Anyone trying to use nunchucks probably deserves what they get.

ID: 3697660

29. And of course, this girl shouldn’t have done the Ice Bucket Challenge.

ID: 3697705

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Luke Bailey is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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