23 Signs You’re The Seth Cohen Of Your Friend Group

Welcome to a life of insecurity and paralyzing self-doubt.

1. You could definitely be described as an awkward individual.

2. You might be just a little bit nerdy.

3. You really know how to use sarcasm.

4. You will always default to sarcasm.

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5. You can drop an amazing pop cultural reference.

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6. There are moments at which you think you might talk too much.

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7. You totally get the importance of bagels.

SO important.

8. And how rain is really not OK.

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9. You can give a really great ultimatum.

10. But you do need a little bit of reinforcement once in a while.

11. Burritos are a completely acceptable basis for a relationship for you.

12. You’re definitely a romantic.

13. Maybe too much of a romantic.

14. And you are flawless at sexy talk.

15. You definitely understand the importance of a great Chrismukkah.

16. Sometimes you can get a little bit anxious.

17. But you can deal with it.

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18. You EXCEL at subtle shade.

19. You can really express yourself with just a look.

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20. You rock some excellent dance moves as well.

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21. You’re a sucker for a big gesture.

22. You can plan a brilliant night in.

23. Because at the end of that day… you rock.

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