The Twitter Account Hiding Cash In Public Places Completely Destroyed A Park In California

But the guy behind it has promised to fix it now, so that’s totally OK.

1. HiddenCash is a Twitter account that posts clues to envelopes of cash around the world. Recently, a tweet pointed searchers to a park in Whittier, CA.

3. Unfortunately, in the searchers’ haste to find the money, many parts of the park were badly damaged.

4. The account describes itself as “An anonymous social experiment for good” in its Twitter bio.

6. Similar hunts have taken place around the world, including London, where it went off without a hitch.

7. But the hunt in William Penn Park resulted in significant damage to the area, a place where wildlife is known to live.

9. The organiser of the hunt has since apologised online, saying, “Doing a drop at a small park in Whittier after dark was probably not the smartest idea.”

10. “Other events all went very well, including those in ‘poor’ parts of town, like east LA.”

11. “Going forward, we will learn from this. As the crowds are big, event locations need to be selected even more carefully.”

12. He’s also agreed to reimburse the exact amount of damage the hunt caused.

Talked to city of Whittier. We are paying $5K to reimburse for park repair. They don't want volunteers. They were very nice. Statement soon.

— HiddenCash (@Hidden Cash)

13. A similar issue recently occurred in a hunt in Malaga, where up to €2,000 of damage was reportedly caused.

14. And apparently, there are some more envelopes hidden near woods in the UK right now!

UK: There are 3 woods in the area. Last clue was to only one. Near each other. Good luck! Don't fall down the hole.

— HiddenCash (@Hidden Cash)

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