The Twitter Account Hiding Cash In Public Places Completely Destroyed A Park In California

But the guy behind it has promised to fix it now, so that’s totally OK.

1. HiddenCash is a Twitter account that posts clues to envelopes of cash around the world. Recently, a tweet pointed searchers to a park in Whittier, CA.

ID: 3403282
ID: 3403352

3. Unfortunately, in the searchers’ haste to find the money, many parts of the park were badly damaged.

ID: 3403281

4. The account describes itself as “An anonymous social experiment for good” in its Twitter bio.

ID: 3403283

6. Similar hunts have taken place around the world, including London, where it went off without a hitch.

ID: 3403284

7. But the hunt in William Penn Park resulted in significant damage to the area, a place where wildlife is known to live.

ID: 3403285

9. The organiser of the hunt has since apologised online, saying, “Doing a drop at a small park in Whittier after dark was probably not the smartest idea.”

ID: 3403287

10. “Other events all went very well, including those in ‘poor’ parts of town, like east LA.”

ID: 3403291

11. “Going forward, we will learn from this. As the crowds are big, event locations need to be selected even more carefully.”

ID: 3403292

12. He’s also agreed to reimburse the exact amount of damage the hunt caused.

Talked to city of Whittier. We are paying $5K to reimburse for park repair. They don't want volunteers. They were very nice. Statement soon.

— Hidden Cash (@HiddenCash)
ID: 3403338

13. A similar issue recently occurred in a hunt in Malaga, where up to €2,000 of damage was reportedly caused.

ID: 3403286

14. And apparently, there are some more envelopes hidden near woods in the UK right now!

UK: There are 3 woods in the area. Last clue was to only one. Near each other. Good luck! Don't fall down the hole.

— Hidden Cash (@HiddenCash)
ID: 3403340

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Luke Bailey is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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