22 GIFs Of Things Made Brilliant By Slow Motion

If you slow things down, they look cool.

1. This dog shaking its head.

2. This frog that doesn’t look very slow, but is running on water.

3. These giant bubbles bursting.

PBS Digital / youtube.com / Via thisiscolossal.com

4. This dog making a catch.

5. This guy getting hit.

MTV / Via http://senorgif.com

6. This cheetah getting up to speed.

7. This punch landing.

8. This bullet making contact.

9. This trailer exploding.

10. This match burning so slowly.

11. This golf ball making impact.

12. This man getting hit.

13. This light bulb breaking.

14. This ever so slow weaponry.

15. This cymbal being played.

16. This spiderman having an issue.

18. This guy getting hit.

19. This celebratory egg.

20. This jelly hitting the ground.

21. This ball getting kicked.

22. This water balloon getting punched.

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