The 34 Classiest Things That Have Ever Happened

Oh, you classy, huh?

1. These courtroom guidelines are very classy.

ID: 3457820

2. These are the classiest red Solo Cups.

ID: 3457424

3. This is an immensely classy entrance to a building.

ID: 3457315

4. This is a very classy way to drink wine.

ID: 3457269

5. Except it’s outdone by these kiddie pools of wine.

ID: 3457936

6. This is a perfectly classy selfie.

ID: 3457319

7. This is an incredibly classy list of auto-completes.

ID: 3457278

8. This is a legitimately classy prank.

ID: 3457327

9. This is how you know you’re staying in a classy hotel.

ID: 3457878

10. This is definitely classy.

ID: 3457864

11. This epitomises class.

ID: 3457941

12. This is a very classy way to welcome people to your town.

ID: 3457934

13. This is an unimpeachably classy t-shirt.

ID: 3457339

14. This is the classy way to end a night.

Though to be fair, Four Loko is involved. So, kinda fair enough.

ID: 3457435

15. This is nothing but class.

ID: 3457392

16. This is the classiest way to advertise your company.

ID: 3457824

17. The patrons of this bar are pretty darn classy.

ID: 3457329

18. This Facebook user is all class.

ID: 3457332

19. This is a bastion of class.

ID: 3457853

20. This is such a classy game you wouldn’t even believe it.

ID: 3457869

21. Class everywhere.

ID: 3457415

22. So. Much. Class.

ID: 3457420

23. This is basically the definition of how to be classy.

ID: 3457875

24. Classic class.

ID: 3457432

25. This is an almost impossibly classy solution.

ID: 3457426

26. This is about as classy as it gets.

ID: 3457428

27. This subway gentleman is absurdly classy.

ID: 3457316

28. This billboard is perfect for a classy hen party.

ID: 3457940

29. Such class.

ID: 3457395

30. I mean, this is where class comes from.

ID: 3457446

31. Convertibles are very classy.

ID: 3457891

32. This store’s transformation is ultra-classy.

ID: 3457804

33. This is really showing some class.

ID: 3457859

34. Finally, this actually is very classy.

This would class every town up.

ID: 3457856

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Luke Bailey is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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