26 Signs You Should Actually Live In Rome

The city of yearning.

1. You want to be able to walk past the Colosseum every day.

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2. And the other ruins scattered all over the city.

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3. You like your coffee very, very small and very, very strong.


Anything else is an abomination.

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4. You want to be able to go to concerts in Stadio Olimpico.

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5. You have some serious Calcio Balilla skills.

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6. You desperately want to eat true Italian pizza.

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7. And true Italian pasta.

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8. And gelato.

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9. But mainly the pizza.

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10. You really want to hang out on the Spanish Steps, like Romantic poets.

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11. Shopping in markets really appeals to you.

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12. You can communicate effectively using only hand gestures.

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13. You know that football is the best sport.

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14. And that Andrea Pirlo is God.

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15. You like a drink with a view.

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16. You desperately want to live somewhere with an amazing beach around the corner.

Such as Sperlonga.

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17. You really appreciate the importance of wine.

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18. You like the idea of finding a tiny restaurant in an alley.

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19. The idea of tiny alleys is just appealing regardless.

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20. Strolling alongside the river at night really appeals to you.

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21. Or just doing anything late at night.

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22. You think that a scooter is the absolute best way to travel.

Despite the very high danger level.

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23. You want to live somewhere where views like this are normal.

ID: 3165018

24. And architecture like this.

ID: 3165020

25. Tiny, eclectic shops are your favourite shops.

Especially if they’re bookshops.

ID: 3165043

26. But most of all, you really want the sunshine.

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Luke Bailey is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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