23 Signs You’re The April Ludgate Of Your Workplace

Because you want to not do things.

1. You’re always professional.

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2. You would never mess around on the job.

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3. You’re highly motivated to work.

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4. But when you’re off work, you relax in a responsible way.

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5. And you would never come to work hungover.

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6. You really know how to deal with people in meetings.

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7. You’re very expressive with your thoughts on ideas, and feed back in a constructive way.

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8. It’s a natural skill.

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9. You’re often the most energetic person in the office, brightening everyone’s lives.

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10. You’re always excited to meet potential new co-workers.

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11. You can really cut through the office bullshit.

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12. You are an expert in managing your underlings without intimidating them.

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13. You know exactly who you should be going on a work trip with.

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14. You would never just mess with people for the hell of it.

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15. You consistently make very strong decisions.

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16. You have a really rational and not at all dangerous response to problems.

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17. Seriously, it’s never even slightly scary.

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18. You have very strong feminist credentials as well.

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19. You can raise grievances at your job in a very effective way.

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20. You know exactly what is and isn’t work-appropriate.

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21. You have good ideas for office entertainment.

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22. You deal with workplace conflicts in a calm and rational way.

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23. You also might be a wizard. Which is a good thing.

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