Highlights From Lil’ Kim’s Instagram

Ever wished you had time to look through all of the queen bee’s Instagram posts? Here’s a quick best-of compilation.


Fast friends Miley and Kim twerk it out together.

ID: 3565448

The queen gives her employees the royal treatment.

Alternately, a heartfelt endorsement of the UPS Store for no particular reason…

ID: 3565430

Lil’ Kim used to act pretty unapologetically scary, but now it seems like she’s trying to rebrand herself “making nice” with other celebrities. You can’t help but wonder what they were talking about when someone snapped this New Yorker caption-contest level selfie.

ID: 3565439

It’s nice to know you’re not the only person who journals in the “Notes” app, though the tone of this gives off a kind of strange, “court-ordered” vibe.

ID: 3565438

Lil’ Kim is promoting her Beyonce remix. As usual, she seems ‘somewhat aggressive.’

ID: 3565432

This photo may pre-date Mya’s alleged affair with Jay-Z, but joining in other celebrity feuds seems easily within Lil’ Kim’s wheelhouse.

ID: 3565441

In case you were wondering, Lil’ Kim is not above filming a stray turkey run through traffic.

ID: 3565447

It can be fun to imagine Lil’ Kim downloading a photoshop trial version to create this image to promote her feud with Nicki Minaj. It was probably just some intern, though.

ID: 3565436

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