11 Of The Worst Reasons To Start Dating Anyone

Happy Ever NEVER.

1. You share similar taste in music/films/cheese.

Means nothing. You don’t love them, you actually love Taylor Swift, The Godfather and Older Gouda 2 SIS- Hard…

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2. Repeated drunken sex has happened.

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The main problem here is - YOU’VE NEVER HUNG OUT SOBER.

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3. They’re a single friend of your best friend’s SO.

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The promise of endless even board game teams and symmetrical dinner parties is so tempting. But you don’t like them at all?!

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4. You do everything together.

Do you really want to fondle the dangly bits of your best mate though? Probs not.

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5. They get you on the guestlist.

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So what? You don’t even go out because you’re too busy instagramming your tortoise and watching Great British Bake Off in your pants.

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6. There is an irresistible and intense passion between you.

What are you like 16? Seriously.

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7. You look amazing together.

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Admittedly, you do look like an advert for The Kooples. But, this is beyond shallow.

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8. They have a great accent.

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They sound super sexy but you’re going to have to learn Swedish to be with them?! Not gonna happen.

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9. They live nearby.

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If you’re that lazy, admit defeat and cultivate fulfilling relationships with Netflix characters instead.

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10. They made a big romantic gesture.

Stop watching 80’s movie marathons.

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11. You fancy their best mate/sibling/parent.

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