16 New Year’s Resolutions You Make And Break Every Year

Maybe this year you can hold out ‘til February?

1. Take up “clean eating”

ID: 2202205

Resolution: give up gluten.

ID: 2202188

Reality: begrudgingly begin eating bagels for breakfast by February 1st. It’s practical, really…

ID: 2202217

2. Get a flat stomach

ID: 2202227

Resolution: do ab workouts every day.

ID: 2202324

Reality: do ab workouts every day…for three days.

ID: 2202297

3. Keep in touch with your parents

ID: 2202341

Resolution: call them at least once a week.

ID: 2202347

Reality: become annoyed if they don’t answer by the third ring. What if you actually needed something?

ID: 2202358

4. Get enough sleep

ID: 2202440

Resolution: don’t stay out past midnight on weeknights.

ID: 2202447

Reality: you accept that that is never going to happen.

ID: 2202458

5. Read more

ID: 2202463

Resolution: finish a book every week.

ID: 2202516

Reality: magazines count as books, right?

ID: 2202535

6. Pick up a new hobby

ID: 2202546

Resolution: take up photography.

ID: 2202548

Reality: stick to iPhone selfies.

ID: 2202584

7. Quit bad habits

ID: 2202596

Resolution: stop one bad habit.

ID: 2202599

Reality: pick up another in its place.

ID: 2202611

8. Beat your caffeine addiction

ID: 2202635

Resolution: replace coffee with tea.

ID: 2202707

Reality: yeah, no.

ID: 2202718

9. Find your passion in life

ID: 2202723

Resolution: discover your true calling.

ID: 2202759

Reality: your bed is calling.

ID: 2202731

10. Save money

ID: 2202958

Resolution: spend less money on takeout.

ID: 2202969

Reality: spend the same amount at the drive-thru.

ID: 2202977

11. Become one with nature

ID: 2202773

Resolution: explore the great outdoors.

ID: 2202775

Reality: you’ll go to a cookout this spring.

ID: 2202789

12. Improve your flexibility

ID: 2202803

Resolution: take up yoga.

ID: 2202813

Reality: your body just doesn’t bend that way.

ID: 2202841

13. Choose healthy snacks

ID: 2202981

Resolution: eat more vegetables.

ID: 2202989

Reality: eat more chocolate…because chocolate is salad.

ID: 2202997

14. Meet the love of your life

ID: 2202852

Resolution: finally find that one, special person.

ID: 2202947

Reality: you’re pretty sure Ryan Gosling is that person.

ID: 2202862

15. Learn to cook

ID: 2203000

Resolution: prepare meals from scratch.

ID: 2203009

Reality: Hot Pockets for the win!

ID: 2203028

16. Become a social butterfly

ID: 2204029

Resolution: spend more time with your friends.

ID: 2204032

Reality: spend more time with your cats.

ID: 2204035

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