10 Royal Baby Dolls That Will Haunt Your Darkest Nightmares

Gosh it really is a shame you don’t have your own Royal baby. But perhaps you might like one of these…

1. Imagine this one lying next to you on the pillow

ID: 1490554

2. Or how about this handsome chap for your bedside table?

ID: 1490571

3. What about this one? Its eyes might look bruised, but they’re throwing in that lovely ring

Via La Pistache Nursery
ID: 1490439

4. But if it’s real value for money you’re looking for this lifeless Royal baby comes with a free coffin AND a spoon

ID: 1490395

5. For those of you who like your infants in polythene bags, this one is just perfect

ID: 1490598

6. Maybe you’re after a more cosmopolitan baby. This one holidays in Marbs.

ID: 1490588

7. No? You probaby prefer your babies to be made of china then. How about this one shivering under a flag?

ID: 1490359

8. Don’t you just LOVE the regretful solemnity that comes with this cheeky pair?

ID: 1490459

9. Yeah you’re right, these babies are all a bit traditional aren’t they? How about this motionless newborn in an on-trend tee?

ID: 1490405

10. Oh come on… these figurines of John Travolta holding your royal baby would look simply FAB on the mantelpiece

ID: 1490377

11. No? Well there really is no pleasing some people.

ID: 1490723

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