Young Christoph Waltz Was Ridiculously Hot

In the early ’80s, Christoph Waltz was the kind of sexy that keeps you up at night.

1. Christoph Waltz is a handsome man.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images
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2. But did you know he used to be even hotter? Like, scary attractive.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images
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3. Behold, Christoph Waltz in “Kopfstand.”

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5. Not convinced? I’ll let these GIFs do the talking.

ID: 810111

10. And here he is as Tristan in “Tristan and Isolde.”

ID: 810152

13. I mean, honestly. That hair.

ID: 810178

15. That youthful charm.

ID: 810200

17. It’s enough to wear you out.

ID: 810265

19. Lucky for you, young Christoph Waltz is great at cuddling.

ID: 810232

20. So there you have it.

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21. Your Christoph Waltz crush is now complete. Go forth and spread the love.

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