Why L.A. Freaks Out When It Rains

We’re just very sensitive to weather, OK?

1. RAIN. Rain in Los Angeles!

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2. We don’t always handle it well.

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3. We have a lot of feelings.

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4. Sometimes we totally lose our shit.

ID: 1146278

5. But to be fair, it’s like REALLY RAINING.

ID: 1146287

6. Do you know how that feels for us?

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7. Like, this is what we’re used to.

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8. We’re in Los Angeles, OK?

ID: 1146308

9. Imagine going from this…

ID: 1146312

10. To THIS. I mean, crap.

ID: 1146317

11. Plus, you’ve heard about L.A. traffic, right?

ID: 1146346

12. It’s roughly 1000 times worse when it rains.

ID: 1146347

13. NO ONE in L.A. knows how to drive when it’s raining.

ID: 1146359

14. It’s an actual nightmare.

ID: 1146355

15. So we basically don’t leave the house. It’s not safe.

ID: 1146378

16. Forget about your plans. It’s just you and the rain and your feelings.

ID: 1146382

17. Meanwhile, everyone else is like, “Um, we have it much worse.”

ID: 1146396

18. “Suck it up, Los Angeles.”

ID: 1146406

19. But you don’t get how hard this is for us.

ID: 1146426

20. You have NO IDEA what we’re going through.

ID: 1146429

21. In Los Angeles, even the lightest drizzle can mean a horrible day.

ID: 1146438

22. But oh well.

ID: 1146452

23. There’s always tomorrow.

ID: 1146449

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