Why Everyone Could Use A Therapist

Talk it out. You’ll feel better.

1. Life isn’t easy.

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2. Sometimes you feel trapped in your own head.

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3. You’re convinced everyone hates you.

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4. And you’re not feeling like yourself.

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5. Maybe you find yourself way too invested in TV.

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6. Or you overidentify with Britney.

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7. It just feels like NOTHING is going your way.

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8. When you try to tell your friends what you’re going through, they don’t get it.

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9. They’re not interested in hearing you talk about your emotions.

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10. And if you spend one more night complaining to them, they might just tell you off.

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11. I know it’s tempting to crawl into bed forever.

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12. Or to drink your troubles away. But there are healthier options.

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13. Why not go see a therapist.

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14. Sometimes you need a professional to help you figure out what’s going on inside your head.

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15. They might even have practical advice.

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16. Therapists don’t care when you’re being negative.

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17. They don’t care that you’re in a bad place.

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18. They’ll never judge you.

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19. And they’ll always at least pretend to be interested in what you’re saying.

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20. You don’t have to have it together.

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21. You can just talk things through with them.

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22. It’s OK if you get emotional.

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23. They’ll NEVER call you crazy.

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24. Suddenly you realize you can talk about ANYTHING. And they get it.

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25. You feel a sense of relief. You’re a little less alone.

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26. You won’t be cured right away, but things will start to seem less bleak.

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27. Sometimes you have an actual breakthrough.

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28. And it feels AMAZING.

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29. Over time, you might just start to see yourself as a new person.

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30. Your relationships will improve.

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31. You’ll be more comfortable in your own skin.

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32. You’ll gain self-confidence.

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33. You can give yourself props for taking the time to work on getting better.

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34. Because life, while not perfect, will suck that much less.

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35. Now your friends who were annoyed by all your whining can be annoyed by your new carefree attitude. (Sorry, it’s a little much.)

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36. Yeah, sometimes you just can’t win.

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37. But don’t freak out!

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38. That’s why you have a therapist.

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