Why Elena Gilbert Is More Fun As An Emotionless Vampire

Yeah, yeah, find the cure or whatever. Am I the only one who prefers The Vampire Diaries’ Elena with fangs and apathy?

1. Old school Elena was so sweet.

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2. The problem with sweetness? It’s a little boring.

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3. Perfect couple! Snooze alert.

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4. When Elena wasn’t smiling, she was so emotional.

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5. And worried about everyone else’s feelings, all the time.

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6. And indecisive! Those poor Salvatore brothers.

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7. Not to mention being the queen of self-fulfilling prophecies.

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8. When she became a vampire, I was like, UGH FINALLY.

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9. But she still had so many FEELINGS.

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10. And then something amazing happened! Damon turned her humanity off.

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11. Now? Elena gives zero fucks.

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12. Instead of frustrating significant glances…

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13. She and Damon can have hot vampire sex.

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14. I mean, really.

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17. Stefan? Yawn. Damon? SIGN ME UP.

ID: 1089381

18. Now Elena does whatever she wants, whenever she wants. And we get to watch from a safe distance.

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19. Suddenly SHE’S the fun one, hating on anyone who harshes her buzz.

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20. She’s the badass I always hoped she would be.

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21. And she’s got some harsh words for people who don’t get it.

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24. Who knows what the future has in store. We might return to old Elena eventually.

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25. But until then, give me more of this.

ID: 1089484

26. And this.

ID: 1089488

27. And, of course, THIS.

ID: 1089453

28. And I’ll be satisfied.

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