Who Is Your Golden Girls Valentine?

Thank you for being a friend with benefits.

  1. 1. What is your ideal date?
    1. A lively card game.
    2. A sultry bedroom romp.
    3. A stimulating reading.
    4. A modest dinner.
  2. 2. What are you looking for in a partner?
    1. Someone who makes you feel smart.
    2. Someone who makes you feel young.
    3. Someone who makes you feel challenged.
    4. Someone who makes you feel sexy.
  3. 3. What quality draws you to a mate?
    1. Intelligence.
    2. Wit.
    3. Kindness.
    4. Sex appeal.
  4. 4. What interest could you bond over?
    1. Food.
    2. Education.
    3. Sex.
    4. Animals.
  5. 5. If your Valentine spoke a second language, you would like it to be...
    1. French.
    2. Spanish.
    3. Swedish.
    4. Italian.
  6. 6. Does your Valentine have sex on the first date?
    1. Rarely.
    2. Sometimes.
    3. Often.
    4. Always.
  7. 7. What flaw would you be willing to overlook?
    1. Self-centeredness.
    2. Condescension.
    3. Tactlessness.
    4. Naivete.
  8. 8. What would you like to talk about over dinner?
    1. Small-town life.
    2. Literature.
    3. Past love affairs.
    4. Foreign culture.
  9. 9. How do you prefer to sleep?
    1. Side by side.
    2. With your mate spooning you.
    3. With you spooning your mate.
    4. On top of one another.
  10. 10. Your Valentine's kisses are...
    1. Soft but loving.
    2. Hot but vulnerable.
    3. Delicate but feisty.
    4. Firm but romantic.

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