Which Member Of The First Wives Club Are You?

You don’t have to be a jilted ex to become a member of 1996’s hottest club. Take this quiz to find out which First Wives Club personality matches yours.

  1. 1. How do you hope people perceive you?
    1. As strong and funny.
    2. As beautiful and talented.
    3. As kind and likable.
  2. 2. What is your best feature?
    1. Your looks.
    2. Your compassion.
    3. Your sense of humor.
  3. 3. What is your worst feature?
    1. Your submissiveness.
    2. Your narcissism.
    3. Your insecurity.
  4. 4. What is your vice?
    1. Food.
    2. Alcohol.
    3. Worrying.
  5. 5. What do you look for in a partner?
    1. Someone who respects your work.
    2. Someone you can grow old with.
    3. Someone who supports your independence.
  6. 6. Who keeps you grounded?
    1. Your family.
    2. Your friends.
    3. Your fans.
  7. 7. Whom do you confide in?
    1. Your best friend.
    2. Your bartender.
    3. Your mother.
  8. 8. Would you ever get plastic surgery?
    1. No, I prefer a natural look.
    2. Sure, maybe a tummy tuck, but nothing drastic.
    3. I want to be young. Science-fiction young.
  9. 9. In an argument, you tend to...
    1. Let the other person win.
    2. Use words as your weapon.
    3. Throw things.
  10. 10. How often do you apologize?
    1. Rarely.
    2. Sometimes.
    3. Constantly.
  11. 11. How is your relationship with your ex?
    1. Civil.
    2. Friendly.
    3. Hostile.
  12. 12. What makes you cry?
    1. Personal insults.
    2. Life’s daily stresses.
    3. Alcohol.
  13. 13. What are your finances like?
    1. You’re very wealthy.
    2. You’re comfortable.
    3. You’re struggling.
  14. 14. What is your drink of choice?
    1. Virgin Mary.
    2. Bloody Mary.
    3. Vodka rocks.

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