32 Ways You Relate To Xander On "Buffy"

In high school, you were totally the Zeppo.

1. You make questionable romantic choices.

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2. Sometimes REALLY questionable.

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3. And you’re not always great with boundaries.

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4. You know when to run and when to fight.

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5. (Mostly you run.)

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6. You’re a survivor. Sometimes that means fleeing.

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7. You know your strengths. You’re not a fighter.

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8. Silly dancing? That you can handle.

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9. Yeah, you’ve got the spaz thing down.

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10. You’re not nearly as suave as you think.

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11. But hey, you’re trying.

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12. It doesn’t help that you’re almost always thinking about sex.

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13. Blame your hormones.

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14. At least you’re not ONLY about looks.

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15. The truth is, you’re insecure.

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16. Which is not to say you don’t occasionally look good!

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17. Sometimes you just feel out of the loop.

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18. Maybe it’s because you’re a little immature.

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19. You can come across like an idiot.

ID: 1008251

20. (Surely some people find it endearing?)

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21. And a doormat.

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22. You tend to speak before thinking.

ID: 1008161

23. Like you never learned how to communicate properly.

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24. But when it counts, you know the right things to say.

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25. Your pep talks are legendary.

ID: 1008187

26. You always have the right attitude.

ID: 1008236

27. And sometimes your love is all it takes to set everything right.

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28. Your friends get that. And they appreciate you.

ID: 1008067

29. So even though you feel like a screw-up half the time…

ID: 1008124

30. Even when you’re at your lowest…

ID: 1008150

31. The people who matter will stick by you, because they know you’d do the same.

ID: 1008068

32. And you’ll never be alone.

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