18 Ways “Drop Dead Gorgeous” Makes Me Proud To Be An American

Can I list them all? Amer-I can!

1. It makes patriotism sexy.

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2. And exciting!

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3. It reminds us who our role models should be.

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4. It shows how to coordinate patriotic outfits for maximum effect.

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5. It underlines the importance of knowing geography.

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6. And struggles with the right to bear arms.

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7. It celebrates American innovation.

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8. And the education system.

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9. It promotes a good relationship with Jesus.

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10. It stresses the importance of family.

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11. And staying active.

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12. It appreciates Lady Liberty.

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13. It teaches proper English.

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14. It embraces the country’s endless diversity.

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15. And also encourages stronger race relations.

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16. It has fireworks.

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17. In the end, it’s all about finding your own American pride…

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18. …even if you don’t quite get it.

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