18 Times Mellie Grant Put You In Your Place On "Scandal"

She’s like Jackie O, if Jackie O were also Satan.

1. When she owned her evilness.


2. When she gave an ultimatum.

3. When she was prepared to make a scene.


4. When she mocked your little crush.

5. When she called all the shots.


6. When she wasn’t fucking around.


7. When she refused to be taken for granted.


8. When she took all the credit, and rightfully so.

9. When she reminded you that she’s the better parent.


10. When she camera ready.

11. When she gave great stankface.

12. When she required more stimulation.


13. When she questioned Olivia’s supposed perfection.


14. When she knew how to end a conversation.


15. When she reminded you that you’re not Bill Clinton.

16. When she threw shade at men.


17. When she said it all with her eyes.

18. When she made you bow down.


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