44 Times Fox Mulder Was Totally Adorable

Twenty years ago, Fox Mulder stepped onto our TV screens and into our hearts with the premiere of The X-Files. The truth is out there: Mulder is presh.

1. When he made this face in the pilot.

ID: 1619384

2. When he was filled with longing.

ID: 1619523

3. And wonder.

ID: 1619525

4. And suaveness.

ID: 1621242

5. When he hugged a very relieved Scully.

ID: 1619407

6. And totally sniffed her hair.

ID: 1619411

7. When he made room on the bed.

ID: 1619478

8. When he refused to use his first name.

ID: 1621230

9. When he scored an invite to the coolest party.

ID: 1619403

10. When he didn’t get the answer he was looking for.

ID: 1619669

11. When he and Scully shared an umbrella.

ID: 1619659

12. When he was a total rebel.

ID: 1619637

13. When he showed up at the door like this.

ID: 1619474

14. When he winked, and it was embarrassing for everyone.

ID: 1621235

15. When he made a self-deprecating penis joke.

ID: 1621253

16. When he was gleefully immature.

ID: 1621224

17. When he was inappropriately snarky.

ID: 1619706

18. When he got censored.

ID: 1619698

19. When he taught Scully how to bat.

ID: 1619538

20. When he forgot to comb his hair.

ID: 1619481

21. When he wore his glasses.

ID: 1621244

22. When he did this thing with his straw.

ID: 1619428

23. When he tried this pick-up line.

ID: 1619557

24. When he made Scully sing to him.

ID: 1619389

25. When he was sleep-deprived.

ID: 1619553

26. Like, REALLY sleep-deprived.

ID: 1621241

27. When he shared a passion for porn and sunflower seeds.

ID: 1621268

28. When he missed Elvis.

ID: 1619416

29. And dressed accordingly.

ID: 1621225

30. When he rocked out.

ID: 1619700

31. When he practiced looking scary.

ID: 1621255

32. When he knew how to order a drink.

ID: 1619413

33. When he made Scully blush.

ID: 1619472

34. When he just wanted to shoot some hoops.

ID: 1619645

35. When he and his besties took bubble baths.

ID: 1619710

36. When he got way too into a video game.

ID: 1621264

37. When he did his Mr. Potato Head impression.

ID: 1619517

38. When he needed Scully to believe.

ID: 1621221

39. When he made excellent dietary choices.

ID: 1619662

40. And even better viewing choices.

ID: 1619664

41. When he was effortlessly hip.

ID: 1619572

42. When he flirted relentlessly.

ID: 1619495

43. When he knew it was love.

ID: 1619657

44. And when he got the ending he deserved.

ID: 1619677

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