27 Things "The Simpsons" Taught Us About Love

The longest running sitcom is also one of the most romantic.

1. Grand gestures sometimes involve a little property damage.

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2. But they can be as easy as making breakfast.

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3. Or wearing a ridiculous costume.

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4. You know what? Just do whatever works.

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5. Don’t be surprised when someone shows interest. You’re plenty lovable!

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6. Remember that anyone can be romantic, even the elderly.

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7. And you’re never too old to act young.

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8. Everyone has romantic fantasies. Learn your partner’s.

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9. And know your strengths. Not everyone is good at being sexy.

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10. You might be surprised, though. Get in touch with your wild side.

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11. Just also be aware of boundaries.

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12. When giving a gift, think of your partner’s interests instead of your own.

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13. Also, find shared interests and embrace them.

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14. Or just take dirty pictures. That works, too.

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15. Don’t forget the card!

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16. Be kind to lonely people. Not everyone has love.

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17. But be careful with fragile hearts.

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18. Learn how to let people down easy.

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20. But hey, even if things don’t end well, you can at least hope for makeouts.

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21. Speaking of, few people look good kissing. Avoid PDAs.

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22. If you are in love, celebrate it.

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23. Because there’s no substitute for the real thing.

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24. So put a ring on it. It’s not about the size.

ID: 1142820

25. As long as you love each other, marriage is a blessing.

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26. But do make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.

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27. Whatever you decide, once you do find real love, never let it go.

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