The 12 Most Surreal Moments In The Weirdest Episode Of "Mad Men"

“The Crash” began with a nightmarish car accident and proceeded to offer some of the strangest imagery Mad Men has ever depicted. What the hell was going on?

1. The terrifying opening sequence with drunk businessmen nearly killing Ken Cosgrove.

2. When everyone got high and raced around the office.

3. When Ken Cosgrove suddenly started dancing.

Also when Don asked where he learned that, and he couldn’t remember if it was his mother or his first girlfriend. Awkward.

4. When Don said he was feeling a lot of emotions, then freaked out.

5. When Peggy and Cutler saw Stan having sex with Wendy.

6. When Don had persistent flashbacks to growing up in a whorehouse.

And losing his virginity to a prostitute while recovering from a chest cold. Like you do.

7. When Sally was reading Rosemary’s Baby and that scary home invasion happened.


9. And Sally evidently thought her dad was hot.

10. When Stan got stabbed in the arm.

It’s OK, he didn’t feel it!

11. This exchange.

12. When Don faceplanted.

After this episode, that’s sort of how we all felt.

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