The Most Homophobic Twitter Responses To #YouCantBeTakenSeriouslyIf

Another day, another hashtag, another onslaught of anti-gay bigotry.

#YouCantBeTakenSeriouslyIf you act like a Queer..

— UKhan98 (@Usman Khan)

#YouCantBeTakenSeriouslyIf you're a faggot.

— Th3Darkl0rd (@Angel Christoferson)

#YouCantBeTakenSeriouslyIf you are gay

— holleratchurboy (@Lord Ford)

#YouCantBeTakenSeriouslyIf you act gay and say your straight

— _Shimako_Obie (@μαddעsöת Öβטκטrφ)

#YouCantBeTakenSeriouslyIf U're a guy and say 'hehe' u're instantly gay in my eyes

— IM_Sketchh (@Va$h™)

#YouCantBeTakenSeriouslyIf - you are a boy and you do a serious pout on photos. #faggot

— jennaa_louisee (@Mr Shnayblay.)

#YouCantBeTakenSeriouslyIf you randomly turn gay

— NoBootyJudy_ (@Rachael ✖⭕✖⭕)

#YouCantBeTakenSeriouslyIf You have a fag voice.

— Katelin299 (@•KateliN ✌)

#YouCantBeTakenSeriouslyIf You tweet queer things like "want to cuddle right now"

— SineadFarrelly_ (@Sinéad)

#YouCantBeTakenSeriouslyIf You talk like a faggot. I will laugh at you.

— DuckOn_Quack (@jusʇin.)

#YouCantBeTakenSeriouslyIf you're a pussy and or fag

— VVEISSS (@Andrew Weiss)

#YouCantBeTakenSeriouslyIf you're an overall faggot

— Jsanalitro (@JoeySanalitro)

#youcantbetakenseriouslyif. Girls- no tits. Boys-queer

— boulsybaby69 (@Jordan Boulay)

#YouCantBeTakenSeriouslyIf You Always Actin Gay , And Dat Go's For Da 75% Of Da Niggas In Mah Skool

— ThaRealLastGist (@DeejayAsap)

#YouCantBeTakenSeriouslyIf You are a FAGGOT!

— JSINGH_12 (@Jaspal Singh)

#YouCantBeTakenSeriouslyIf you're a guy & do that stupid duck face look in your pics. Fag boy

— __WhoKnows (@&)

#YouCantBeTakenSeriouslyIf if u sound like a fag #pointblank

— KushBlowa_ (@H.D.W)

23. And of course…

#YouCantBeTakenSeriouslyIf you use the word "faggot" to insult someone.

— LexiSoHomo_ (@That One Lesbian ;)

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