The Best Tweets Of The Golden Globes

Sure, the Golden Globes were fun, but most of us were more glued to our computers than to the TV screen. And the awards for best tweets go to… posted on

1. Best Assessment of Cleavage

So are we just supposed to showcase the space between our tits now mostly? #GoldenGlobes2013" target="_blank">">#GoldenGlobes2013 #sternumshowcase" target="_blank">">#sternumshowcase

2. Best Explanation of Debra Messing

3. Best Explanation of Christoph Waltz

Christoph Waltz talks like he's in the middle of trying to make up an excuse.

4. Best RNC Callback

Miss Golden Globe is Clint Eastwood's daughter, so she'll be speaking to a highchair.

5. Best “Homeland” Reference

That was the first time Brody's son was on television without being dismissively cut off. #GoldenGlobes" target="_blank">">#GoldenGlobes

6. Best Analysis of Adele’s Accent

She got a Golden Globe, but all she wants is "a room somewhere far away from the cold night air."

7. Best Interpretation of Kevin Costner’s Bizarre Speech

Kevin Costner shouldn't have let Cormac McCarthy write his speech

8. Best Acknowledgment of Weird Mustaches

So, who organized the underground Hollywood facial hair competition? #GoldeGlobes" target="_blank">">#GoldeGlobes

9. Best Insider Analysis

If they turn up the sound on the bumper shots of celebs "chatting" with each other, you hear " SCREEECHY SCREEEECHY SCREEEEE" #GoldenGlobes" target="_blank">">#GoldenGlobes

10. Best Summary of the Movie No One Saw

Hi, wait, I'm sorry. Nicole Kidman was nominated for THE PAPERBOY? Meanwhile, I piss on Zac Efron & I get a restraining order??? #bullshite" target="_blank">">#bullshite

11. Best Tweet by a Golden Globe Nominee

Louie CK is funny, he's just not Cheadle funny. #GoldenGlobes" target="_blank">">#GoldenGlobes

12. Best Shade Thrown at Lea Michele

When did Lea Michele become Nelly Furtado?! #goldenglobes" target="_blank">">#goldenglobes #selftan" target="_blank">">#selftan

13. Best Backhanded Compliment

Brave! Gingers everywhere are celebrating! TONIGHT IS YOUR NIGHT! Tomorrow we'll go back to giving you slightly uncomfortable looks.

14. Best Fake Complaint

Lena Dunham's acceptance speech didn't have enough minorities in it.

15. Best Response to an Actual Complaint

I'd rather have @lenadunham" target="_blank">">@lenadunham spend time writing than learn to walk in heels

16. Best Understanding of How the Internet Works

17. Best Explanation of Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. talks like he's always just about to do a magic trick. #goldenglobes" target="_blank">">#goldenglobes

18. Best Shade Thrown at Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster is only public about important things, like staying friends with Mel Gibson. #GoldenGlobes" target="_blank">">#GoldenGlobes

19. Best Shade Thrown at Hugh Jackman and Jeremy Renner

You're not allowed on the Golden Globes stage unless you're ashamed of your sexuality, apparently.

20. Best Dramatization of Backstage Events

Anne Hathaway: "I wonder what people are saying on Twitter!?" Anne Hathaway's Assistant: "OH MY GOD! BEHIND YOU!" [throws phone out window]

21. Best Shade Thrown at Daniel Day Lewis

Being married to Daniel Day Lewis must involve a huge amount of uncomfortable direct eye contact.

22. Best Reference to Ray Romano Based on a Promo for Another NBC Show

Yeah, Argo, okay but hang on the woolly mammoth from Ice Age is on Parenthood?? #GoldenGlobes" target="_blank">">#GoldenGlobes

23. Best Sad Commentary on Our Empty Lives

That fake smile actors do when they lose and the camera pans to them, is basically how I feel every single day. #GoldenGlobes" target="_blank">">#GoldenGlobes

24. Best Moral of the Evening

25. And finally… Best Promise Fulfilled

Forgot to @alexkarpovsky" target="_blank">">@alexkarpovsky in regards to @NewYorker" target="_blank">">@NewYorker video. It's like when Hillary Swank neglected to mention Chad Lowe at the Oscars! So wrong

@lenadunham" target="_blank">">@lenadunham What would make that whole Oscars debacle better is if you wrote for me... (I'm a big fan) Keep up the great work!

@ichadlowe" target="_blank">">@ichadlowe What a day-maker you are! FYI I will probably mention you if I ever receive any award at all in my lifetime (and I too am a fan.)

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