The Best Tweets Of The Academy Awards

The show went even longer than usual; luckily we had Twitter to keep us sane.

1. Best Summary of the Red-Carpet Nightmare

2. Best Callout of Seth MacFarlane’s Mock Humility

3. Best Reference to the Misappropriation of “Brave”

4. Best Callback to the Best Sally Field Movie

5. Best “Les Miserables” Spoiler

6. Best Explanation of Anne Hathaway’s Not All Terrible Speech

I feel like Meryl called Anne Hathaway last night at midnight and was like "Just shut up & listen to me."

— billyeichner (@billy eichner)

7. Best Prediction of Anne Hathaway’s Future Plans

"Oscar Winner Anne Hathaway!" - Anne Hathaway, in the process of legally changing her name

— stamos (@Annie Stamell)

8. Best Blame Given to Anne Hathaway

Pretty sure Anne Hathaway turned Adele's mic down too low to keep the night about her. #oscars

— juliasegal (@Julia Segal)

9. Best Explanation for the Show’s Length

If all applause was cut from the Academy Awards, it would be only 22 minutes long.

— aspaul (@A.S. Paul)

10. Best Show of “Fanks”

Adele now has more trophies than consonants. #oscars2013

— MikeDrucker (@Mike Drucker)

11. Best Analysis of “Lincoln”

Lincoln should win for most likely DVD to be put on by substitute teachers

— bridger_w (@Bridger Winegar)

12. Best Analysis of “Life of Pi”

Life of Pi is one of the most emotional Lisa Frank folders I've ever seen. #Oscars

— louisvirtel (@Louis Virtel)

13. Best Sad Callback

Hard to believe it's been a year and we still can't stop talking about The Artist

— DanHopp (@Dan Hopper)

14. Best Explanation of Jennifer Lawrence’s Fall

Jennifer Lawrence tripped on the banana peel we all planted for Anne Hathaway.

— BrianJMoylan (@Brian Moylan)

15. Best Reminder That She Can Do No Wrong


— rembert (@Rembert Browne)

16. Best Reference to Matt Damon Snub

matt damon just ripped up his friendship bracelet after that speech

— pilotbacon (@good charlotte)

17. Best Depressing Truth

America's gays have reached a consensus: None of us like Seth MacFarlane; we would all still sleep with him

— samlansky (@Sam Lansky)

18. Best Speculation About the Final Song

Off camera: The Nazi from earlier was pointing a gun at the audience during that last number.

— klickitatstreet (@Emily)

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