The Best And Worst Parts Of Staying In A Hotel

Isn’t it nice to get away from it all? Just don’t spend too much time thinking about the used mattress you’re snuggling on.

1. You get to sleep in a nice new bed, away from your annoying neighbors.

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2. BUT you’re surrounded by strangers. And you can hear them doing it.

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3. You have an exciting new view to admire.

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4. BUT it’s only fun until you get homesick.

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5. You can fantasize about all the celebrities who stayed there before you did.

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6. BUT you’re mostly distracted worrying about who left those mysterious stains.

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7. There’s a minibar stocked with snacks you’d never think to buy.

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8. BUT you can easily spend all your money on stale crackers.

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9. There’s someone to help you with EVERYTHING.

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10. BUT that means you ALWAYS have to have tipping money on hand. You just never know!

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11. You’ve got privacy to cuddle with your own special someone.

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12. BUT you’re probably also cuddling with these guys.

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13. Free toiletries that smell better than the boring stuff you’re used to.

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14. BUT it all comes in impractical tiny bottles. There’s never enough.

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15. You’ve got someplace safe to store all your stuff while you’re out and about.

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16. BUT you can never totally shake that feeling that all your shit’s getting stolen.

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17. You can make breakfast in bed a daily reality.

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18. BUT you’re basically paying your life savings for waffles.

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19. There’s a maid who always keeps things tidy.

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20. BUT that maid is totally JUDGING YOU for your mess.

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21. You get more privacy and security than you’d have at home.

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22. BUT all the hotel employees could easily get a key and pop in whenever.

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23. You always get fresh towels.

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24. BUT somehow you still run out constantly.

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25. Free ice!

ID: 1129927

26. BUT … well, you can probably figure this one out.

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