The Best And Worst Ideas For Upcoming TV Adaptations Of Movies

Bravo has heard our cries and is planning a series based on 1992 camp classic Death Becomes Her. Sadly, not all adaptation ideas are created equal.

1. Good Ideas:

These are the upcoming projects it’s worth getting excited over. Sure, they could be duds, but there’s potential for greatness.

ID: 739083

2. Beverly Hills Cop

The 21 Jump Street movie proved just how much we needed a good cop action comedy. Now we’re going from film to TV with CBS’ Beverly Hills Cop series, which will be transformed into a gritty drama, I guess? Just kidding. This could be a lot of fun, especially since Eddie Murphy will be involved. Remember Beverly Hills Cop Eddie Murphy? You liked him.

ID: 739332

3. Hannibal

I wasn’t so sure about this one — there’s an annoying trend toward overexplaining serial killers these days. But the NBC series about Hannibal Lecter actually seems kind of promising. It helps that Hannibal is a fascinating character, and not only because he eats people. It also helps that Hugh Dancy is involved.

ID: 739233

4. Death Becomes Her

Let’s first acknowledge and mourn the fact that we will never get another Meryl Streep-Goldie Hawn showdown. Still, a Death Becomes Her series could be a dark comic gem: two characters who can’t die trying to kill each other? Think Tom & Jerry meets American Horror Story.

ID: 739075

5. S.H.I.E.L.D.

Even non-comic book geeks turned out in droves for Joss Whedon’s Marvel mash-up The Avengers. The much-buzzed about TV follow-up will focus on Nick Fury’s secret law-enforcement agency. Because Whedon’s involved, we can expect the same sharp writing that helped made the film such a critical success.

ID: 739154

6. Worst Ideas:

While we should reserve judgment until these actually air, it’s tough to see how these TV adaptations are going to work.

ID: 739160

7. Scream

Yeah, yeah, we all love Scream, but I can’t be the only one who’s noticed these movies tend to get worse with each new installment. MTV’s proposed adaptation will surely have a very current soundtrack. Outside of that, though, how do you do a slasher story as a weekly drama? Not to mention network constraints.

ID: 739184

8. The Joneses

Remember The Joneses, that 2009 movie you didn’t see? It will soon be a Bravo TV series you won’t watch. The concept is somewhat intriguing: a group of professional salespeople pretend to be a family to force product placement on suburbia. Who’s going to tune in, though? And because this is Bravo, expect an onslaught of actual product placement.

ID: 739295

9. Live-Action Star Wars Series

Guys, this is going to be bad. Really, really bad. We’ve been talking about a live-action Star Wars since a long, long time ago — before we had to deal with the abomination of the new trilogy. Now that it looks inevitable, we can only hope it’s less Episode I and more Clone Wars.

ID: 739273

10. Bates Motel

With all the unnecessary sequels (and that godawful remake), hasn’t Hitchcock’s Psycho suffered enough? Apparently not. A&E will be airing Bates Motel, focusing on the early life of Norman Bates. Except we already know enough, don’t we? And we definitely know how this story ends.

ID: 739217

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