32 Signs You’re The Milhouse

We all feel a little blue sometimes. Here’s a tribute to the most relatable character on The Simpsons.

1. You’re kind of a spaz.

ID: 1504711

2. Not to mention a nerd.

ID: 1504402

3. And a dork.

ID: 1504847

4. You’re allergic to EVERYTHING.

ID: 1504033

5. Nothing ever really goes your way.

ID: 1504421

6. You’re gullible.

ID: 1504622

7. And overly eager to please.

ID: 1504634

8. Which is why people walk all over you.

ID: 1504642

9. You have poor eating habits.

ID: 1504185

10. And you’re lazy.

ID: 1504837

11. And it shows.

ID: 1504191

12. You’re scared of everything.

ID: 1504884

13. You don’t know how to act your age.

ID: 1504412

14. Or dress your age, for that matter.

ID: 1504419

15. And your parents aren’t helping matters.

ID: 1504728

16. Your attempts at changing up your look are embarrassing, to say the least.

ID: 1504212

17. You’re unlucky in love.

ID: 1504050

18. Maybe it’s because you’re terrible at flirting.

ID: 1504056

19. Or because you fall for the wrong people.

ID: 1504119

20. It’s not your fault everyone else is the worst.

ID: 1504822

21. When you do get attention, it’s never from the right person.

ID: 1504028

22. Mostly you’re neglected.

ID: 1504593

23. You feel alone in this world.

ID: 1504853

24. Which is why you’re desperate for attention.

ID: 1504600

25. Sometimes it feels like nothing can cheer you up.

ID: 1504398

26. Your friends can’t help but notice your sad-sack attitude.

ID: 1504326

27. And it’s bringing them down.

ID: 1504312

28. Listen, I know things seem bleak.

ID: 1504829

29. But it gets better: One day you’ll stop worrying what other people think.

ID: 1504775

30. The less you care, the cooler you are.

ID: 1504780

31. The right people will start to take notice.

ID: 1504782

32. And you’ll finally get the things you deserve.

ID: 1504792

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