35 Signs You Grew Up In Los Angeles In The ’90s

It wasn’t all earthquakes and riots. But that was definitely part of it.

1. You went on a school field trip to the La Brea Tar Pits.

And you were worried about the fictional volcano underneath. Thanks, Volcano.

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2. You browsed albums at Tower Records on Sunset.

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3. You listened to a lot of KROQ.

Or Star 98.7 if you weren’t quite that cool.

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4. You got doughnuts at the Farmer’s Market.

Before The Grove even existed.

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5. You learned to conserve water at an early age because there was a drought.

There was always a drought.

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6. You ate at the Hamburger Hamlet.

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7. Or Chasen’s, if you were fancy.

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8. Or Steven Spielberg’s restaurant Dive at Century City.

It was a submarine!

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9. You got ice cream at Thrifty.

Before it was Rite Aid.

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10. You remember falling ash from the L.A. riots.

Unless you were even closer, in which case you remember the fire.

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11. You learned about the female form from Angelyne.

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12. And you were always on the lookout for Dennis Woodruff’s car.

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13. You knew someone involved in the O.J. Simpson trial.

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14. You participated in countless earthquake drills.

ID: 860248

15. You had property damage from the 1994 Northridge earthquake.

Or you didn’t. Either way, it scared the shit out of you.

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16. You had a healthy fear of downtown.

This was before the Disney Concert Hall.

ID: 860219

17. And Hollywood Boulevard.

Which was even sketchier than it is now.

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18. Your conception of the ’50s was based largely on Ed Debevic’s.

Maybe you even cried because one of the waiters was rude to you. Hey, you were only a kid.

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19. Or the Johnny Rockets on Melrose.

ID: 860231

20. You thought Melrose was the coolest.


So many places to get pierced! And the show, of course.

ID: 860240

21. Your parents warned you about wearing red or blue.

You were very aware of gangs.

ID: 860243

22. You saw your first play at the Shubert Theatre.

ID: 860252

23. You waited in line to see “Titanic” at the Westwood Village Theatre.

ID: 860253

24. You got a great view at the Encounter Restaurant at LAX.

It doesn’t actually revolve, but at one point or another, you were sure it did.

ID: 860256

25. You skipped school to check out the new “Jurassic Park” ride at Universal Studios.

ID: 860258

26. And you rode “E.T. Adventure.”

You gave a fake name, because LOL.

ID: 860261

27. And the “Back to the Future” ride.

RIP that ride.

ID: 860263

28. You were dazzled by the collection at the Museum of Miniatures.

All the other museums were neat too. This one was just the coolest.

ID: 860265

29. You rented movies at Rocket Video.

ID: 860267

30. You went to way too many birthday parties at Ultrazone.

ID: 860271

31. And the UCLA arcade.

It had free play!

ID: 860274

32. And Hollywood Star Lanes.

Gramercy Pictures

You were terrible at bowling.

ID: 860279

33. You remember when the Staples Center opened.

Your dad went to see Bruce Springsteen play the first show.

ID: 860281

34. You checked out the Rose Parade floats on display.

Or you actually went to the parade, if you were willing to camp out.

ID: 860282

35. You’re still suffering from all the smog you inhaled at a young age.

But it was all worth it.

ID: 860287

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