24 Reminders That Matt Lanter Is Hot

This is gratuitous. But it’s the 90210 star’s 30th birthday, so … you’re welcome. WARNING: Mildly NSFW (for bulge).

1. He’s hot when he’s lifting up his shirt.

ID: 1034136

2. And when he’s ALMOST lifting up his shirt.

So coy!

ID: 1034141

3. And when he’s taking off his pants.

ID: 1034162

4. He’s hot with his hands behind his head.

ID: 1034138

5. And when he’s looking in the other direction.

Sigh, models and their angles.

ID: 1034140

6. He’s hot shaving.

ID: 1034139

7. He’s hot when he’s playing pool.

ID: 1034156

8. He’s hot when he makes this face.

ID: 1034167

9. He’s hot when he’s wearing leather.

ID: 1034144

10. He’s hot when he’s … I’m sorry, what was the question?

ID: 1034145

11. He’s hot when he’s being hosed down.

ID: 1034148

12. And when he’s saying “hot.”

Like we don’t already know.

ID: 1034154

13. He’s hot next to Ryan Lochte.

This is especially impressive.

ID: 1034135

14. He’s hot when he’s driving.

ID: 1034190

15. He’s hot when he’s waking up.

How does he do it!

ID: 1034157

16. He’s hot when he’s making out.

ID: 1034161

17. He’s hot in horizontal stripes.

Ugh, he would be.

ID: 1034171

18. He’s hot when he’s drinking coffee.

Also hot: coffee.

ID: 1034159

19. He’s hot on the beach.

ID: 1034160

20. And off the beach.

(It doesn’t snow in Beverly Hills.)

ID: 1034170

21. He’s hot when he’s the boy next door.

ID: 1034182

22. And when he’s, um, not.


ID: 1034184

23. Basically, he’s always hot.

But you got that already.

ID: 1034165

24. And one more for the road.


ID: 1034178

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