26 Reasons You Want To Be Nancy From "The Craft"

She’s just so punk rock! Has being an outcast ever looked cooler?

1. She commands attention wherever she goes.

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2. She embraces her weirdness.

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3. And isn’t afraid to show up somewhere she’s not wanted.

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4. She knows who her real friends are, anyway.

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5. And she always makes time for her fans.

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6. She’s great with animals.

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7. She has a really cool walk.

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8. She isn’t afraid to go heavy on the makeup.

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9. Sure, she smiles. When she feels like it.

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10. I mean, she’s totes punk.

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11. Which means she doesn’t always have to be nice.

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12. Hello, she’s an ACTUAL WITCH.

ID: 1196967

13. You know, with magic powers?

ID: 1197014

14. Did I mention she knows all the coolest spells?

ID: 1197057

15. And she will not put up with your shit.

ID: 1196933

16. She can cut you down with a stare.

ID: 1197035

17. Like, you really don’t want to mess with her.

ID: 1196944


ID: 1196953

19. This is the face of someone in touch with her emotions.

ID: 1196959

20. (She has a lot of feelings.)

ID: 1197096

21. OK, so she’s a little scary.

ID: 1197010

22. Terrifying even.

ID: 1197017

23. But that’s just part of her charm!

ID: 1197020

25. She celebrates her innate specialness.

ID: 1197076

26. And hey, at least she ends the film on a high note.

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