24 Reasons Tiana Is The Most Underrated Disney Princess

Brains, beauty, independence, and humility — no other Disney Princess comes close to The Princess and the Frog’s Tiana.

1. In classic Disney fashion, Tiana wishes on a star. But more than any other Disney Princess, she realizes it takes hard work to make a wish come true.

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2. There’s a valuable lesson here for kids who can’t wait around for a Fairy Godmother to fulfill their wishes.

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3. Tiana never stops working toward her dream. DOUBLE SHIFTS.

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4. And she is damn good at what she does.

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6. She has grand aspirations. (And great style!)

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7. She’s beautiful, clearly. But she doesn’t rest on that.

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8. She educates herself while ignoring outside distractions.

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9. Name one other Disney princess who is this independent and hard-working. YOU CAN’T.

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10. She’s not always glamorous. And that’s OK! She’s REAL.

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11. Tiana won’t let anyone stand in her way. That’s part of what makes her such a great role model.

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12. She’s also notable for being the first African American Disney Princess. Her prince isn’t white either.

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13. And she’s not an orphan or a child of neglect like so many fairy tale characters. Tiana’s family is tightly knit and supportive.

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14. In fact, they teach the important values that make Tiana who she is.

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15. As a woman, she’s fiercely independent, not instantly falling for the prince in either of his forms.

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16. She does not suffer fools.

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17. When she does fall in love with Prince Naveen, it’s not because he’s perfect, but rather that she accepts his flaws.

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18. They’re willing to stay frogs to be together. It’s a decision they make as a couple, because they’re equals.

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19. And sure, she gets the guy in the end, but that wasn’t her wish. She cares about so much more than being Naveen’s princess.

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20. Tiana wants to make her dream of opening a restaurant come true. And she does, because she puts her mind to it.

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21. She even passes her work ethic off to her lazy-ass prince.

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22. Tiana stands alone as a Disney Princess: she’s bolder, wiser, and more assertive than the rest.

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23. She’s an inspirational woman, the model of the American Dream.

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24. And yes, she also gets to be a princess.

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