24 Reasons Olivia And Fitz Are The Hottest Couple On TV

Scandal’s so-wrong-it’s-right relationship is absurdly appealing. Admit that you can’t get enough of the forbidden love between fixer Olivia Pope and hottie president Fitzgerald Grant. Warning: sexy SPOILERS ahead.

1. When they have sex it’s almost too much to handle.

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2. Like, am I watching HBO? Because it feels like I’m watching HBO.

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3. Um, NSFW? Sorry.

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4. They kiss with tongue. Lots of it.

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5. Too sexy to be president, if you ask me.

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6. Yeaaah, he just took off her panties in the Oval Office.

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7. When they’re not doing it, they appreciate the quickie cuddle.

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8. And discreet hand-holding.

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9. And significant glances.

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10. Incidentally, they know exactly where to stand to avoid White House cameras.

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11. Sometimes all they need to say is “hi.”

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12. It’s kind of their thing.

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13. One time they said it IN THE SHOWER. It was hot as hell.

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14. They’re equals. She is Olivia effing Pope and he is the goddamn POTUS.

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15. And she will NOT put up with his shit.

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16. Olivia will SLAP A PRESIDENT.

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17. She’s clearly the dominant one in their relationship. And did I mention he’s the leader of the free world?

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18. He showed her the Constitution. That’s love.

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19. When they’re not together, they make each other miserable. And it hurts so good.

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20. But they’re never apart for long, because they CANNOT control themselves.

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21. They’re always just waiting for the right moment to be together. And it never comes.

ID: 1150996

22. Until then, they’ll keep kissing behind closed doors. And in empty forests.

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23. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, they’re adorable off-camera, too.

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24. Let’s be real: two people this pretty deserve to be together.

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