26 Reasons "Grease 2" Is Better Than "Grease"

Sorry, haters, the infamous Grease sequel is an actual cinematic masterpiece.

1. Because Michelle Pfeiffer is everything.

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2. No one has ever been cooler.

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3. She’s flawless.

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4. And unlike mousy Sandy, she knows it.

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5. Because it’s about women standing up for themselves and refusing to be defined by the men in their lives.

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6. These Pink Ladies don’t take shit from anyone.

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7. They have aspirations past boyfriends.

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8. Meanwhile, the T-Birds are adorably lame.

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9. Because Grease 2 will teach you how to be a better feminist.

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11. Because Maxwell Caulfield is a dreamboat.

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12. I’m sorry. What was the question?

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13. And the best part is, the GUY has to change for the GIRL.

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14. That’s right: Sometimes it’s the dude who has to compromise his ideals for love.

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15. Because “Cool Rider” is the actual best song.

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16. I DARE you to not sing along.

ID: 1519140

17. There’s also a song about BOWLING.

ID: 1519163

18. And DOING IT.

ID: 1519171

19. It’s even educational, if you’re interested in learning about plant sex.

ID: 1519204

20. Or teen pregnancy.

ID: 1519324

21. Because the costumes are AMAZING.

ID: 1519069

22. Things I need: these pants.

ID: 1519166

23. They’re an assault on the senses IN THE BEST WAY.

ID: 1519078

24. Did I mention the movie ends with a luau? Your move, Grease.

ID: 1519080

25. Because no final scene has ever been hotter.

ID: 1519154

26. Any questions?

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