23 Reasons “Going The Distance” Is The Perfect Romantic Comedy

Sorry, haters, Going the Distance is one of the most underrated romcoms ever. Here’s why the under-the-radar 2010 film is worth checking out.

1. Because it’s a sweet and grounded romance.

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2. That’s also funny as hell.

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3. Because it’s gloriously raunchy.

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4. There is a lot of sex. It’s very real and very hilarious.

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5. People get horny, OK?

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6. And they do whatever it takes to get by.

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7. Because it’s bromantic.

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8. These buddy sidekicks are the most delightful additions.

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9. Jason Sudeikis is simultaneously sleazy and attractive.

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10. Charlie Day is adorable, even when he’s pooping.

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11. Don’t even get me started on Christina Applegate, who is perfect.

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12. Because it’s not afraid to get a little heavy.

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13. It depicts the realities of a long-distance relationship.

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14. All the hours spent on the phone.

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15. Laughs aside, there’s so much pain.

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16. And longing.

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17. It’s almost too much to bear.

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18. But there’s joy, too. Obviously.

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19. There’s also Justin Long’s bare ass. That’s reason enough to rent it RIGHT NOW.

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20. Because it’s about choosing love over logic.

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21. Impractical as that is, it’s really fucking romantic.

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22. Though it can also be messy.

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23. But when it’s over, you’ll be a little more in love with love. And that’s what romantic comedies are all about.

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