19 Reasons "Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls" Is The Greatest Cult Film Of All Time

As we remember Roger Ebert the film critic, we must also remember Roger Ebert the co-screenwriter of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.

1. It took debauchery to an exciting new level.

2. It offered the grooviest possible cinematic experience.

4. It introduced us to Z-Man.

5. Who then beat Austin Powers to one of the greatest film quotes ever.

6. It taught us useful pick-up lines.

7. And less useful pick-up lines.

8. And scathing put-downs.

9. It was ENDLESSLY quotable.

10. It introduced us to the Carrie Nations.

11. It gave us a fun new way to exit conversations.

12. It made us think of sex in a new way.

13. It was surprisingly heartfelt.

14. It showed us oral sex with a gun long before Spring Breakers.

15. It made drugs look equal parts fun and terrifying.

16. Culminating in a horrific and memorable finale.

17. Oh, it was delightfully gory.

18. It opened our eyes to the ’70s.

19. And it gave many of us a whole new appreciation of Roger Ebert.

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