24 Reasons “American Dad” Might Make You Hate Americans

Let’s face it: We’re the worst.

1. We almost always put white men in charge.

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2. We have terrible work ethic, and it shows.

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3. We’re lazy.

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4. We get off on cheating the common man.

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5. We try to solve every problem with pharmaceuticals.

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7. Seriously, though, we drink way too much.

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8. Which is part of why we’re so immature and irritating.

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9. At the same time, we’re boring and sexually repressed.

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10. And casually racist.

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11. And misogynistic.

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12. We overeat constantly.

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13. With little regard for our health.

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14. We pride themselves on our gluttony and inactivity.

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15. And when we do diet, we take it to crazy extremes.

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16. The same goes for exercise.

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17. We refuse to have a serious debate about gun control.

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18. We base all their opinions on our religious beliefs.

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19. And we treat atheists like they’re defective.

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20. We prize TV above all else.

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21. Even when whatever we’re watching is awful.

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22. Meanwhile, we can’t spend five minutes away from the internet.

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23. And it makes us terrible at conversation.

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24. But hey, at least we’re entertaining?

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