18 Pieces Of Practical Driving Advice From “Mario Kart”

Follow these tried and true tips to be the best driver on the road.

1. Being a defensive driver means carrying multiple bananas on your person.

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2. Every other driver on the road is your enemy.

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3. Tailgate constantly.

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4. Leave a path of destruction in your wake.

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5. Don’t drive the wrong way unless you want a finger wagged in your face.

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6. Most spin-outs are caused by bananas left in the road.

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7. Seatbelts just make it harder to jump up and down in your seat when you’re celebrating.

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8. It’s OK to stand up in a car when greeting fans.

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9. Increase your speed by doing flips in the air.

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10. Ice is less slippery if you’re fat.

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11. Brake for penguins.

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12. Avoid freak electrical storms, the leading cause of being tiny.

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13. Take big risks when it comes to shortcuts.

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14. Most mysterious caves will get you where you’re going.

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15. Gorges were made to be jumped.

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16. You can probably beat the train.

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17. Accept that you’re going to die at least once.

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18. Drive like there’s always a blue shell on your tail, because chances are, there is.

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